A Comedy of Errors

When we heard that The H*ngry Y**rs G*th*r*ng Pl*ce was closing we were shocked, stunned and saddened. We had a situation where the only rock club in the town was going and worried that the people would go their separate ways. We thought that what was needed was a website for local people to find out what was happening and promoting (non-commercially) new stuff. We searched for one, there were none to be found, so we set one up ourselves, for the people, as a tribute to the Y**rs and a thanks for the good times.

Once set up, we thought that the best way to make people aware of the site would be to hand out flyers at the Y**rs. The flyers basically said 'Thanks for the Y**rs, here's our website". Being kind, non-evil, non-entrepreneurial kinda guys, we thought we'd ask permission before doing so. However ...

Little did we know that this simple act would have such a drastic effect. Matty went to the bar, on the penultimate Saturday, to ask one of the bar staff if he could hand out the flyers and maybe put up a small poster. The owner came back to Matty and said no thanks. She then told Matty that she was disappointed that he'd gone behind her back and started a website and that they were doing the same.
By-the-way we do know the names of these people (having been regulars at the establishment for a combined 25 years) but have chosen not to use them, 'cos we're nice (honest).

Matty told her that it was not his intention to go behind her back and that the site was to be a tribute to them and a way of keeping the spirit of the Y**rs intact. He was then accused of stealing the name of the H*ngry Y**rs. He said that the name wasn't stolen because the new site was called www.brighton-rock.net. He then asked if the flyers could be returned and was told he could have them back at the end of the evening. Come the end of the evening your friendly neighbourhood webmasters attempted to get the flyers back but were told that they were locked downstairs. At this point, it must be admitted that Tim did get slightly miffed (along the lines of
'b*ll*cks*rsefifteenf*ck*ngyearsI'vebeenf*ck*ngcomingtothisf*ck*ngplaceandthisf*ck*nghappens' though this was out of earshot of the owners)

On Sunday Tim (with a rather unpleasant hangover but mood somewhat improved) and his other half went to the Y**rs' closing down sale, hoping to pick up some intriguing item of Y**rs memorabilia. However it turned out to be a garage sale like, flogging off of unwanted household items. After not buying anything, he went to the bar to have a beer. While there he asked the bar-chappie if he could possibly have back the flyers promised to Matty the might before. The gentleman said that he would ask the owner. Some time later (about half a pint) the proprietress summoned Tim to the pool table area for a "chat", where he was harangued with questions and statements like "what are you playing at?", to which he answered  "we set up a website", "who gave you the right to hand out these flyers in here", "no-one, and we haven't", "who gave you permission to steal our name", "no-one, and we haven't", and so on. When asking once more for the flyers, he was refused. When the conversation got to be a circular argument, he walked away saying "Thank you for ruining 15 years of memories of this place", and left the establishment shortly thereafter.

On Monday night, 6.30pm and Matty and friends were in a jolly large queue for tickets for "The Last Ever Night at The Y**rs of All Time Ever". Stare at the wall for two hours and it's 8.30pm (try it at home if you like). The queue moves like a really slow thing on valium with crutches (not that we're getting at people with crutches, you understand). Finally, after his girlfriend has been sold a ticket, Matty gets to the head of the queue and faces the welcoming committee. "Sorry, you can't have a ticket" was the answer. "Why?", he answered. "Because you've gone behind our backs and been disloyal to us" etc etc was the reply. Once more shocked and stunned, Matty sat down with his friends in a bewildered silence, his girlfriend in tears (they had met at the Y**rs some 8 years before). He tried later to reason with the owner ("I'm not a bad person, we're not trying to steal your name, this is a non-commercial venture" etc.) but to no avail. The owner replied "Sirrah ! Verily thou hast stolen my nomenclature and thou art a good for nothing bulls pizzle of a man". Actually, she didn't say this but we're getting bored with recounting this tawdry tale for the umpteenth time.

Incidentally, on the Monday a hastily prepared poster was in evidence proclaiming the existence of the official H*ngry Y**rs website. It also had a footnote saying "beware of cheap imitations" which we assume is directed at us, if this is the case We would like to respond thus:

  • Cheap - if you count monetary cost, it was quite reasonable yes (about US$120). But if you count effort, time, and aggravation, then NO. Also, it is free to visitors whether adding information or just reading.

  • Imitations - At the time we published our first pages, the Y**rs site did not exist, making imitation somewhat difficult. (this site predates the other as anyone can find out at www.register.com)

Anyway, to cut a long story short :

  • Matty shook the hands of the owner and the owner's daughter and said "Goodbye". No wailing histrionics, just "Goodbye"

  • Matty wrote a letter to the owners stating his case

  • Matty returned on Friday night to clear the air and reiterate the ethos behind this site (and to try to get a ticket)

  • Matty got told that it was too late, he should have asked the owner's permission before setting up a local rock website. Reference was made to "scroungers". Matty was more than a little taken aback, considering the well-known "free-speech" nature of the web.

  • Matty left

  • Matty spent Saturday night at home with his Playstation and some beer, missing his friends,at the Y**rs, who missed him. Tim, by-the-way, was at a prior engagement (a fetish party) and had a REALLY good time.

However, we wish the owners well in their retirement. And to show we're not bitter we will still provide a link to their web page - www.h*ngryy**rs.co.uk. Enjoy this momento of a time gone by. If we receive an apology (or some sort of acknowledgement that we are not evil webmasters intent on total rock domination) and a return link to this site then we will remove this page.

That's it. We've said it. I myself feel much better for it too. So does Tim.

A piece of free advice folks, if you really want to protect your name try registering www.hungryyears.com, www.hungryyears.net, www.hungry-years.co.uk, www.thehungryyears.co.uk, www.the-hungry-years.co.uk and all other possible combinations. Hop along to www.register.com where each of these can be registered to anybody for the paltry sum of $35.